Wall Of Miracles

Commemorative Baby Tile Program

“There are only two ways to look at life: One as though nothing is a miracle,
the other as though everything is…” – Albert Einstein

Welcome Little Miracle

More than 1,300 babies are born at Bellin Health every year and the birth of each little one is a miraculous experience, which deserves a special tribute. The Bellin Health Foundation and The Marguerite L. Kress Birthing Center have designed a way to honor little miracles and share the joy with the community.

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The Bellin Babies Wall of Miracles

Have a little one’s name and birth date engraved on an elegant Corian tile and placed on the Wall of Miracles, a beautiful work of art located adjacent to The Marguerite L. Kress Birthing Center. With your participation in the Wall of Miracles, you will not only be recognizing a new addition into the world, but helping to fund community-based healthy mom and baby initiatives.

We believe life abounds with miracles, but perhaps none as beautiful as the start of a new life. Commemorate the birth of a miracle by creating a lasting tribute on the Bellin Babies Wall of Miracles.

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Bellin Baby Package B - $50 contribution


Packages are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Wall Of Miracles- Memorial Baby Tile Program


Those who we hold in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

The Wall of Miracles also pays tribute to the miracle of life and the mystery of death. As an expression of our symphony, The Bellin Foundation invites parents to place a memorial tile in the name of their beloved child on the Wall of Miracles, located adjacent to the Kress Birthing Center. This tile is a gift from The Bellin Health Foundation to the parents.

The inclusion of commemorative and memorial tiles on the same wall serves as a reminder of life's beauty and its frailty. Each memorial tile is adorned with angel wings, and may include the child's name, date of birth and footprint. We can also arrange a special ceremony with family, friends, and your pastor at the time you place the tile on the wall.

To request a memorial tile or to find out more information about the Wall of Miracles, please contact the Bellin Health Foundation at 920 433-3731.