Bellin Health Sports Medicine & Orthopedics in Titletown District

We specialize in comeback stories. 

What’s your story? 
Are you an athlete trying to get back in the game? Or someone who just wants to get back to a life with less pain and more joy? Either way, this is where your comeback begins. Welcome to Bellin Health Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in Titletown District. Our brand new, state of the art treatment and rehab center is located in the heart of Packer country, and home to one of the country’s leading sports medicine and orthopedic care teams. 

For the superstar in every body. 
Maybe your shoulder problem is from raking leaves instead of throwing passes. Maybe your knee injury has less to do with running bases than chasing grandkids. Either way, the same physicians who treat world champion athletes will treat you with the same world-class approach to care.       

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What we do.
Let’s get you off the disabled list and on the road to recovery. Here are some of the ways we do that:

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Convenience Meets Excellence.
Just like any great team, we never forget that execution of the details is everything. That’s why we’ve taken the best of sports medicine and orthopedic care and placed it where the world can find it, in Titletown District, home to Lambeau Field. Here, you’ll find everything under one roof from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation. We’ve made sure every aspect of your experience feels like a home field advantage, right down to the ease of parking. And that means it’s you who wins with more access to great care, better customer service, communication, teamwork and outcomes. 

You’ve made a good choice by choosing us. We’re experts at sports medicine and orthopedic care. In fact, every member of our medical staff is Sports Fellowship Trained. No one else in the region can say that. Here are some more reasons you want us on your team:

  • We treat elite athletes. We treat everyone like an elite athlete.
  • World-class medical care. A world-class patient experience.
  • We’re not just orthopedic specialists, we’re creators of life-changing, inspirational comeback stories.

You make the call.

Want to make an appointment? It’s easy. Just call 920 433-xxxx. We’ll guide you through every step on the road to your comeback.