Sports Medicine and XL Athletic Performance

Phone: 920 430-4722
Hours: Monday – Friday 5 am – 10 pm • Saturday and Sunday 6 am – 3 pm or by appointment as needed

Our dedication to athletic training and athletic performance is obvious within an 18,000 square foot, world-class facility. This facility supports the training and development of athletes from aspiring, to the recreational to the professional. With a staff of highly trained professionals including licensed athletic trainers, certified strength and conditioning specialists, exercise physiologists, sports nutrition dietitians, orthopedic physicians and sports medicine, the facility offers a full spectrum of care and training for the entire community, including core strength, resistance training, speed, quickness and sports-specific programs. Inside, you’ll find three different training surfaces for reality-based training sessions, including hardwood, turf and flex track. There is an Olympic weight training area and a 60-yard running track. Visit us at