Billing Information

Understanding Your Statement

We've recently updated our statement to make it easier to understand. Click here to download a sample statement which explains at a glance the components of your new statement.

For questions regarding your statement, please contact our Business Office at 920-445-7210.

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Hospital Bill

As part of your "Patient Bill of Rights," we will provide you with an itemized copy of your hospital bill on request. Professional fees of physicians are not included and you will be receiving a separate billing from the physician's office.

For questions regarding your bill, please contact our Business Office at 920-445-7210. To receive an estimate for care before your procedure, please visit the Compare Medical Care section of our website or call 920-431-5667.

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All patients are required to present their current insurance card(s) and will be asked to assign insurance benefits to Bellin Hospital. Your insurance may require you to obtain prior approval and to complete necessary claim forms before receiving services.

Your insurance contract is between you and the insurance company. As a courtesy to you, we will be happy to prepare and submit a claim to your insurance carrier. You are responsible for all charges not covered by your insurance plan. If, after a reasonable period of time, your insurance carrier has not honored your claim, you will be responsible for full payment of total charges.

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Medicare patients are required to present their Medicare card upon admission to the hospital. Medicare deductible will be payable unless covered by additional insurance and those benefits assigned to the hospital. Personal items and all non-covered services are your responsibility.

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Medical Assistance

Please present a valid Medical Assistance identification card upon admission. If you do not show your card or your card is invalid, the charges could become your personal obligation.

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Worker's Compensation

We will be happy to file your worker's compensation claim if the appropriate information is provided to us.

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Accidents and Injuries

Medical expenses incurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident or a liability are your personal responsibility. However, as a courtesy to our patients, the hospital will bill your health insurance, government programs, and liability insurance.

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Community Care

Bellin Health is proud of our mission to provide quality care to all who need it, regardless of a person’s ability to pay.

The Bellin Health Community Care Program helps people who may need financial assistance to pay for their Bellin Health services. The program provides help to patients who have a financial need regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or source of income.

Bellin Health has contracted the Resolute Group in the medical hospital to assist those that do not have insurance coverage. the Resolute Group may contact the patient/guarantor while at the hospital or after being discharged. Their goal is to determine if the patient would qualify for any other coverage or public assistance and also assist the patient in applying. 

The Bellin Health Community Care Program can be used for eligible services after all other financial and third-party resources are exhausted. Routine and preventative care, accounts with balances of $100.00 or less are not eligible for Community Care adjustments.

This program will not consider charges from other agencies or providers. You must contact their office to make payment arrangements. We do not pre-qualify anyone for the Community Care program. You must have a balance with Bellin Health over $100.00 to apply.

Patients qualify for the Community Care Program based on their income, assets, and other debts. The amount of financial help Community Care provides may be all or a percentage of the amount a patient owes and will then be considered for the next 3 months. A letter will be sent to the patient/guarantor upon completing our consideration of the application.  Any remaining balance after adjustments are made is expected to be paid following the payment guidelines included in the letter.

If you would like to apply for this assistance program, please contact Bellin’s Business Office at 920-445-7210 at your earliest convenience. You will be sent an application and instructions on how to complete it. If you have difficulty completing the application, assistance will be provided. It is requested that information be received in our office in 10 business days.

Feel free to call the Business Office if you have any additional questions at 920-445-7210. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.  Our Business Office is located at 2020 S Webster Avenue and our Community Care Specialists are there to assist you.

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The National Health Insurance Industry determines how insurance companies divide payment of your account. All insurance overpayments will be confirmed with the insurance companies involved and will be refunded in accordance with state and federal regulations.

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Arranging for Payment

Bellin Hospital's financial advisor will help you find the best payment plan for charges not covered by insurance. Information is available on our Financial Assistance Policy and our Self-Pay Discount.

Payment may be made in cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) in the Patient Registration Department at preadmission, admission, or before being discharged. Payment may also be made upon receipt of your bill to the Bellin Cashier Office.

If unable to pay within 30 days, payment arrangements of up to 36 months should be approved and scheduled by calling 920-569-4122 or by going to Payment option and financial assistance information is available here.

Community care is available to all patients who show financial need; however, before applying to this program the hospital will help you explore all other options for financial help.

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