Innovative spine surgery performed at Bellin Hospital


GREEN BAY — A surgery to treat degenerative diseases of the neck, using the first artificial disc for the cervical spine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, was performed recently at Bellin Health. It is the first surgery of its kind in Green Bay.

Philip A. Yazbak, M.D. FACS, neurosurgeon with the Neuroscience Group of NE Wisconsin and a Bellin Health Partner, performed the surgery at Bellin Hospital.

The new artificial disc, called the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc, offers some patients a chance to maintain motion in their necks following surgery for cervical degenerative disc disease. The disc is inserted into the neck using a similar procedure to the technique surgeons use when performing a spinal fusion. However, in a recently concluded clinical trial involving more than 500 patients, the technique proved to offer an advantage over spinal fusion in that it does not restrict motion.

“Advances in surgical technology, such as the Prestige Cervical Disk System, help us to provide surgical options that best meet each patient’s individual needs,” said Yazbak.