Bellin’s Wrightstown clinic honored for record-keeping work


WRIGHTSTOWN – Bellin Health Family Medical Center Wrightstown was one of 25 clinics statewide recognized on September 11 for implementation and use of its electronic health record system during a ceremony in Madison.

Electronic health records – supported by Gov. Jim Doyle and encouraged by Madison-based MetaStar, Inc., the Medicare quality improvement organization in Wisconsin – enable health care providers to easily input patient health information into a computer. Recent studies have shown that electronic health record systems improve physician efficiency, reduce costs and help promote standardization in patient care.

Use of such a system also means:

“We’re excited and honored to be recognized in this fashion,” said Dr. Brad Wozney, Bellin Family Medical Center Wrightstown. “It’s a great way to illustrate for our patients and reiterate for our team members our dedication to aiding our patients’ pursuit of high-quality, personalized health care service.”

Kevin Hayden, secretary, Department of Health and Family Services, presented the clinic with a recognition certificate.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bellin Health Family Medical Center Wrightstown,” said spokesperson Jesi Wang. “We are happy they were recognized by the governor for the work they are doing. They are one of the leaders in the state in the e-health movement and in making health care safer and more efficient for patients.”