Bellin Employer Forum to Spotlight Employer Health Innovations

Bellin Health will host the 2013 Employer Health Innovations Forum and launch a year-long corporate health challenge on January 9 at the Lambeau Field Atrium.

The 7:30-9:30 a.m. event is geared toward business leaders, human resource professionals and health plan consultants. Topics include strategies for guiding organizations to improved overall employee health and reduced health care costs.

“Nine years ago, Bellin Health was facing a crisis,” said Randy Van Straten, vice president of Business Health Solutions at Bellin Health. “Our $10 million dollar annual health care spend was projected to increase by 30 percent if no action was taken.

“We developed strategies to help us improve the health of employees, which dramatically decreased our overall costs. As we shared our work with other employers in the region, they told us they not only wanted similar results, they needed them.”

Attendees will hear first-hand from local employers like N.E.W. Curative that consistently achieve measurable progress on improving overall employee health and reducing health care costs.

“We realized we had health and medical cost issues and that we needed to take control regardless of whether we had a self-funded or fully insured plan,” said Rick Jelinski, vice president, Human Resources, N.E.W. Curative. “We feel employees need to be their own health and wellness advocates. We need to provide them the tools to do that.”

Business leaders, human resource professionals and health care plan consultants from Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are expected to attend the event.

There is no charge to attend.

Contact Riley McDermid at (920) 431-5506 or email register.