Introducing the Aquilion One CT

There are only a few in the world and only one in the Green Bay area. It’s called Aquilion One CT and it is new technology that allows your doctor to see 4D, moving images of your beating heart in untold detail.

An image of a knee or shoulder can now be viewed as a moving image that reveals issues in how the joint moves, rather than a still picture.

Doctors can now get more comprehensive images of cancer, including the blood supply that is feeding it.

Strokes can be diagnosed in less time.

Patients who have problems remaining still or holding their breath can now have superior studies done with less stress and less radiation.

The Aquilion One CT can benefit many types of patients:

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"We can produce a CT scan of the entire head in 1/3 of a second with half the amount of radiation exposure."

-Jeff Hoeksema, Bellin Health Team Leader, Radiation/Imaging Services