Things Every Patient Should Consider About CT

Much has been written lately regarding CT scans and the amount of radiation that a patient can receive during the test. There are many reasons that radiation exposure and its long-term effects have become a concern, including the lack of standardized radiation dosing guides within the industry. Other reasons include the amount of time and radiation it takes some CT scanners to build a proper image.

At Bellin Health, we use highly regulated, monitored dosing calculations that are based on each individual’s needs and parameters. Radiology is an area where “one size does not fit all.” So, even when we are not using the Aquilion One CT to perform your test, every precaution is taken to ensure that your diagnostic procedure is performed with utmost care and consideration for your long term health and benefit. Many factors go into deciding your unique dosage needs and we are happy to discuss your personal prescription in detail.

For more than 100 years we have led the way in bringing new and better technology to Northeast Wisconsin, and continue this commitment through the introduction of the Aquilion One CT.

So when faced with the need to undergo a CT exam, ask your physician to consider Bellin’s diagnostic services. And discuss the benefits of the Aquilion One CT with your physician.

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