Allergic Skin Disease

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic life-long skin condition characterized by itching and rash. The areas of the body involved often change with time; most often the face, inside of the elbows, and behind the knees are involved. With eczema the skin is dry and often cracks and oozes during flare-ups. "Flare-ups" are caused by an over reaction of the skin's immune system to environmental and emotional "triggers". These triggers can include irritants (such as chemicals), allergens (such as food, dust, or mold) and stress.

For those with eczema, it is very helpful to identify and avoid exposure to such triggers. Because there are so many potential triggers, allergy skin testing is critical to help in determining a successful treatment plan. Early recognition and treatment of eczema symptoms will often prevent more serious flare-ups. If you have these symptoms please contact us at (920) 435-6601and we would be happy to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

Avoid triggers of itching:

Control itching:

Keep the skin moist. We recomend a daily bath lasting at least 20 minutes, followed by an application of a lubricant (soak and seal).

Use medicated creams properly:

Watch for infection:

If you would like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation please contact us at (920) 435-6601. If you would like further information regarding eczema go to