“Having the privilege of assisting patients through some of life’s most challenging crises and being able to offer excellence in clinical services to these same people are part of why I and many of my colleagues entered the practice of medicine,” said Gerndt. “The quality I strive for in my patients is driven ultimately by the needs of my patients. I am very proud to say that this same drive and determination is present throughout all of Bellin Health, from its Administration all the way to the caregivers at the bedside.”

Steven Gerndt, MD
Green Bay Cardiothoracic and Vascular


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“The most cruel thing about heart disease is the way that it sneaks up on you. One moment you think your healthy, the next your afraid. And then you hear someone say,”98% of the time, we can help you beat heart disease.’ You see it in their eyes. They believe in themselves, they believe in you. And you feel it in your heart.”

Warren Vande Leest
4 bypasses in 1986

“Some measure the greatness of a heart hospital by its technology. Some by how many doctors it has or how nice the nurses are. I believe greatness is measured by all those things. Plus, one more thing: how they are at bringing a 45-year old heart attack victim who has seconds live back from the edge of dying.”

Mike Gottein
Heart attack at age 45

“On May 3, 2004, I woke up feeling different and started having mild pains in my chest. When the pain didn’t go away, I went straight to the emergency room knowing that every second counts during a heart attack. Luckily, the doctors at Bellin Hospital took my complaints seriously and did all the necessary to confirm I was having a hear attack. Who would have thought – I was only 32! I was scared to death. The nurses helped me to relax and feel comfortable. The care that I received was second to none. The doctors and nurses taught me how to make changes in my life and to never take anything in life for granted. I’m enjoying life to the fullest now.”

Beth Heer
Heart attack at age 32

Thursday, 8/3/06, Bob is discharged from the Cardiac Center with the parting gift of a cycling shirt from the Bellin Health Cycling team.

"So, this isn’t a story of misfortune, but instead of good fortune. Sandra and I feel that given a heart attack was imminent due to hereditary tendencies, what a fantastically successful way for it to have occurred. One block from the EMT service, 7 blocks from the emergency room, a 15 minute helicopter flight from the fantastic Bellin Health Cardiac Center and its wonderful compassionate staff. If I had fallen under almost any other circumstances, this story would only have included the obituary."

Bob Beetcher

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