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When we say Welcome to Bellin Health, it’s the greeting of a partnership. Every day, we commit to exceed your needs rather than making you fit into an assembly line system. We understand that healthcare isn’t only about getting a medical exam or prescribed treatment from your doctor:

As we continue to identify ways to be the premiere healthcare partner, we invite you to become a Secret Shopper. Your valuable feedback will allow us to improve your healthcare experience. To become a Secret Shopper, simply select one of the links above.

Remember, you must register before your next appointment to participate since you will provide feedback about a future experience at one of our Bellin Health Family Medical Centers or FastCare clinics. After your appointment, you will return to the website to complete a questionnaire. You will receive a gift of $25 for your time. However, your input to improve healthcare for your friends and family is invaluable.

Please understand that a limited number of Secret Shopper opportunities are available at each location. Also, do not make an appointment for the sole purpose of completing the Secret Shopper process. Your Secret Shopper visit must be regarding a legitimate medical issue or for a regularly scheduled well check. As a Secret Shopper, you are still responsible as a patient for any medical bills or copays not covered by insurance.

Participating Bellin Health Family Medical Centers include:

Participating FastCare sites include: