Share a Part of You…Volunteer
Do you have a special talent? Do you have extra time? Would you like to do something for our community? If you can say “yes” to any of these, consider becoming a volunteer at Bellin Health.

Achieving excellence in health care services requires the dedication and service of many people. Doctors, nurses, and other professionals are essential, however volunteers are also important - they “complete the circle of care.” Please join our circle of care by becoming a Bellin Health volunteer.

Service That Suits You
As a volunteer, your interests, skills, and available time are matched with Bellin Health’s needs. Based on your interests and needs, we will work with you to determine a role..

Volunteer Shifts Are Flexible
You choose your hours. Best of all, no experience is necessary… all you need is enthusiasm, commitment, and a positive attitude!

Our volunteers have provided service and dedication to others for over 75 years, achieving a fine reputation within the health system and the community. Our nonprofit health system values the contributions of volunteers with the highest regard.

Your Help is Needed
As a Bellin volunteer, you add an extra dimension to the high-quality health care our patients expect.

Benefits of Volunteering

Bellin Health Offers a Wide Variety of Volunteer Opportunities

Here are just a few:

If you’re interested in volunteering, please call Bellin Volunteer Services at 920 433-3632 or email volunteerservices@bellin.org. We’ll match your particular interests, skills and availability with the hospital’s needs.