Redefining the Core

Myranda Reimer, MPT, BSc.Kin, PYT-C, CF-L1, P&PA
Date:  March 4-5, 2023
Audience: PT, PTA, LAT, CSCS
Cost: $295

Course Description: Pelvic floor concerns are present in 2 out of 3 women with low back pain and/or pelvic girdle pain and 1 out 3 men with low back pain. Screening pelvic health provides important information when working through differential diagnosis and treatment plans for common musculoskeletal concerns. Not all clinicians and therapists want to perform internal pelvic floor assessments, but this doesn’t exclude the importance of pelvic health within quality of life or negate your capacity to provide support. This course will help advance your understanding of the core for people of all ages and stages of life by blending pelvic health into your current assessment and treatment approach. Hands on and movement based labs break up seated lessons, encouraging participants to explore, question, and integrate education and new strategies immediately. Lab content includes: non-internal management for the pelvic floor, core assessment, specific and whole body core exercise variations and prescription. Pre-, post-operative abdominal and pelvic surgeries and pre-, post-natal considerations will also be discussed.

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