Community Sponsorship

Supporting initiatives that advance current programs or address issues of importance to healthcare in the communities served by Bellin Health is the primary purpose for providing Community Sponsorships. All requests must have a clear case for how the sponsorship dollars requested will be utilized to improve the health of the people the event is designed to serve.

Important Note: Bellin Health does not provide sponsorship support for sports teams, individual or academic groups’ participation in regional or national competitions, camps or events (eg. Bowl-a-thons, walks or runs).

Please note: Sponsorship request must be submitted 90 days prior to the event for consideration.

Event/Program Name:
Benefit Description:
Amount Requested $:
Today's Date:
Date(s)/Time of Event:
Organization Name:
Contact Person:
Is this a first time event?
How many years has this event been held?
On average, how much money does this event raise each year?
What are anticipated total revenues and expenses for this year's event?
Will the money raised be designated for a certain program or group?
(if yes, indicate how the funds will be used)
How will the funds be used?
How will your request for sponsorship be utilized to improve the health of the people you serve?
Will Bellin Health be the sole healthcare sponsor? (if no, what other healthcare organization will be involved?)
Other healthcare sponsors:
What will you request from Bellin Health? (Marketing, signage, logo, volunteers, etc.)
Who is your target audience? Include geographic and demographics.
How many participants do you anticipate?
Is there an opportunity for Bellin to provide screenings, information or booth?

Please email any supporting documentation or pertinent information to