Employee Sharing Program

Each year our Employee Sharing Program begins February 1st. Employees have an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to funds that enhance the experience of employees, patients and families at Bellin Health.

Employees can designate how their individual gift is used. Employees may choose two giving options and the gift will be split equally. 

Giving options include:

  • George Bennett Nursing Scholarship supports continuing education for staff nurses at Bellin, or nursing student education at Bellin College.
  • The Janis A. Mielke Memorial Nursing Certification Exam Fund was created to assist Bellin nurses with their expenses associated with taking their advanced certification exam.
  • Michael Wilde Nursing Scholarship supports 1 nursing student at Bellin College or NWTC and 1 student at Monroe High School who plan to pursue nursing after high school.
  • Patient Assistance Fund is for all patients system wide for healthcare related expenses, such as medications, medical equipment, transportation, etc.
  • Robert Fry Employee Assistance Program is for all employees system wide who are in need of financial assistance to assist with extraordinary hardships such as food, gas, homelessness, unexpected expenses, etc.
  • Julie Russell GYN Oncology Fund was established by Dr. Eric Jenison, MD and named after one of his “star” patients to assist GYN Oncology patients with their treatment related expenses and to assist GYN Oncology staff with related educational opportunities.
  • The THRIVE Program is designed to measurably improve health outcomes for children, families and staff, contributing to improved student achievement in participating Thrive schools.
  • The Health System’s Most Pressing Need supports professional development, employee engagement programs, patient support and safety initiatives, and community care, etc.
  • John R. Underwood Business Excellence Award seeks to recognize individuals within Bellin Health who possess traits of sound business principals, integrity, tireless effort and a deep desire to improve life in Northeast Wisconsin and honor Mr. Underwood for his part in the success of Bellin Health and the Green Bay Packers.
  • Tim Wilmet Memorial Scholarship Fund - Tim Wilmet, an employee of the Bellin MRI department, and one of the first MRI techs in the greater Green Bay area, passed away on November 22, 2016. In his memory, a fund has been established at The Bellin Health Foundation by Tim’s wife, Jody, along with family and friends to support educational scholarships for Radiologic Services at Bellin College.

Since the Employee Sharing Program inception in 2005, the program has raised $1,148,000.

For more information about the Employee Sharing Program, please contact the Bellin Health Foundation at (920) 433-3731.

  • Download the 2017 Employee Sharing Form.
  • Download the 2017 Volunteer and Retiree Sharing Form.
  • Download the 2017 Results.
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