Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities, such as stocks or annuities, can have a lasting effect and can also provide you with tax benefits.

Avoid a capital gains tax. If you have held a stock for more than one year, you can claim a deduction at the full market value and avoid tax on the appreciation by giving it directly to The Bellin Health Foundation.

If market conditions have reduced the value of your stock portfolio, an option for taking capital loss on your tax return is to sell the underperforming stock and contribute the proceeds.

Please notify The Bellin Health Foundation of your gift when you ask your broker to transact the gift in order to assure prompt recognition. The notification can occur in writing, via phone, or by completing an online form.  It is important to specify The Bellin Health Foundation as the recipient of the gift to ensure it is properly credited and acknowledged.

Through the Foundation's relationship with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC, you can gift stock without incurring a brokerage fee, thereby maximizing the value of your gift. While The Bellin Health Foundation appreciates our relationship with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC, you are encouraged to make your charitable contributions via the method and brokerage firm of your choice.

Donors or their brokers may contact The Bellin Health Foundation at:

The Bellin Health Foundation
744 South Webster Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 433-3731
Fax: (920) 433-6062

If you would like to speak with someone at The Bellin Health Foundation about your gift of securities, please contact us at (920) 433-3731