The Cancer Team

At Bellin’s Cancer TEAM, we offer many programs and services to patients and their loved ones. These are made possible by your donations. These include our Patient Assistance Fund, various survivorship events throughout the year, support group activities promoting wellness, a group memorial service that brings closure to many, and other activities that are meaningful to the patients. If the event has a healing benefit to the patients, or in any way makes their lives more enriched during their treatments, we’re dedicated to doing the planning to support their needs (at our expense). But often, it takes donations to see the activity come to life.

Please accept our promise to put the patients first; we are true patient advocates. The gift is in the giving. Whether your gift is great or small, your personal gratification should be nothing but immense. 

Bellin Health Cancer Team: Available Gift Opportunities

  • Integrative Medicine/Palliative Care Suite (3):  $ 25,000/Suite
  • Medical Oncology Patient Care Suite (12):  $25,000/Suite
  • Radiation Oncology Patient Care Suite (4):  $25,000/Suite
  • Private Infusion Suite (3):  $25,000/Suite
  • “Coaches Corner” Suite:  $25,000
  • CancerCare Team Conference Room:  $25,000
  • Patient Education Room:  $25,000
  • Family Conference Room:  $25,000
  • HDR (High Dose Rate Brachytherapy) Vault: $50,000
  • Radiation Vault: $125,000
  • Patient Registration Center: $150,000
  • Patient and Family Garden:  $200,000
  • Family Lounge: $200,000
  • Infusion Room: $250,000
  • Bellin Health CancerCare Team Pavilion: $1,000,000

If you would like to make a gift in honor or in memory of a family member or friend please click here. We thank you for supporting our patients.