The Neuro Team

Continuing a Tradition of Quality Care

As individuals who live and work in Green Bay, we’ve seen firsthand how lives are enhanced when a community comes together to generously support one another and pass along the values and tradition that set us apart.

For more than a century, since Julius Bellin began this tradition in 1908, Bellin Health has been an integral part of Green Bay. As a not-for-profit health system, it truly belongs to this community. Every dollar earned and given is reinvested in the areas we serve, and our local volunteer board of directors makes decisions based on the needs of our families and neighbors.

A NeuroTeam initiative is now under way to provide integrated care for patients with neurological conditions and their families. With a single clinic where all practitioners work as a team, we can provide better outcomes and higher quality care at a lower cost. Enhancing the patient experience with relationship-focused health care will carry on Bellin Health’s tradition as a national leader in quality and value.

We are counting on our community leaders to help ensure the success of this worthwhile effort. It’s our hope that the following initiative will provide an understanding of how the NeuroTeam will serve our community for generations to come, and how you might reflect the values important to you by making a contribution.

The Current Patient Experience

Today, Bellin Health’s physicians and neuroscience specialists provide patient care from multiple locations. While our brain/spine/pain and inpatient and outpatient therapy teams provide related services for our neurological patients, we are focused on improving the experience for those we care for and their families.

In a patient focus group, we found nearly all participants reported seeing multiple practitioners. In addition to believing one provider could not meet all their needs, the patients studied were relationship-focused and thus endured the difficulties associated with traveling from one practitioner to another. Many of the resources that could have been spent on treatment and recovery are instead channeled into scheduling multiple appointments, coordinating insurance and payments, and managing emotional stress.

From this patient study, we formulated a model of the ideal environment for our neurological patients:

  • A single clinic with all neuroscience services under one roof
  • Integrated patient care, with all practitioners interacting with one another
  • Centralized medical information, such as insurance, billing and records
  • Easier scheduling and minimal wait time
  • A team who understands and is supportive of patients with neurological conditions
  • The addition of outpatient rehabilitation physiatry services
  • Neuro-specific outpatient occupational and physical therapy

Integrating these services under one roof at the NeuroTeam will improve the patient experience and make health care more cost-effective.

Creating a Connected Care Environment

At Bellin Health, we know recovery is best facilitated when members of a treatment team work together in one location to help the patient meet his goals. Physicians and therapists must provide coordinated care based on frequent communication and teamwork, working together to make the best treatment decisions.

To meet the needs of our patients and their families, we are taking our vision of an integrated neuroscience system of patient care and making it a reality. We will fulfill our vision of a connected patient experience with a team of physicians providing the following services:

  • Brain, spine and pain care
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • NeuroCare inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation physiatry
  • Neuro oncology

The new Bellin Health NeuroTeam is the first step toward providing this ideal patient experience. The new facility at 725 S. Webster Ave. will incorporate the following:

First floor

  • Brain, spine and pain clinic
  • Outpatient rehabilitation and therapy
  • Offices
  • Common areas where families can relax and visit in a comfortable setting

Second floor

  • Neurology consultants
  • Physiatry inpatient and rehabilitation
  • Common areas

Our patients will benefit from these integrated services at one location, with all tests and procedures centralized for accessibility and cost-effectiveness. The NeuroTeam will advance Bellin Health’s commitment to providing relationship-focused, world-class care to Northeast Wisconsin.

Leading the Way in Neuroscience

We recognize the importance of patients’ relationships with their health care providers. The focus of the NeuroTeam is to facilitate each individual’s treatment by offering a connected personal experience that leads to compassionate care and quality outcomes.

With the support of our community, the NeuroTeam initiative will create an unparalleled center of excellence. By being the first system to provide all these disciplines under one roof, Bellin Health establishes itself as the premier market leader in the neurosciences. With a comprehensive multidisciplinary team for an enhanced patient experience, we will see better outcomes and higher quality care at a lower cost.

No other health care system in Northeast Wisconsin demonstrates this same level of physician relationships and commitment to working together toward a common goal. At Bellin Health, we continue to set a new standard of leadership and care, with new programs, new facilities and new hope.

Investing in the Future of Health Care

By supporting a world-class NeuroTeam at our region’s only community-owned and community-governed hospital, you invest in the future of your health and the health of your loved ones and neighbors.

Bellin Health’s board of directors and leadership team, physicians and staff work hard to ensure a reputation for compassionate care at the highest quality level. Grateful patients and family members will appreciate the philanthropy that goes into establishing a center of excellence that provides relationship-focused health care in their time of need.

Please consider supporting our vision of providing the community with integrated neuroscience services that ensure Bellin Health remains the leader in quality health care, while promoting the values important to you for generations to come.

In Recognition of Your Commitment

It is our honor to recognize your generosity by associating your name with any gift commitment you make. However, we always respect your privacy and wishes. If you allow us to publicly recognize your gift, we will do so at a time you choose.

In recognition of your commitment to quality, community-based health care, Bellin Health and the Bellin Health Foundation offer the following affiliations and recognition for your consideration:

  • Establish the Bellin Health NeuroTeam Pavilion
  • Associate your name with a medical directorship position within Bellin Health
  • Serve as the guest of honor at dedication events
  • Feature story published on the Bellin Health Foundation Web site and in our newsletter

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