Titletown Talk: Shoulder Injury Management & Performance for Throwing Athletes

Event Date and Time:

January 29, 2020 at 6:00pm to: 7:00pm

Event Location:

Bellin Health Titletown, 1970 S. Ridge Rd., Green Bay

Event Description:

Shoulder injuries can account for a significant amount of lost time in a throwing athlete if handled improperly.  One of Bellin’s orthopedic surgeons, Dr. James Spears, MD, explains the shoulder’s anatomy, its bio-mechanics, and what you can do to prevent injury.  He’ll also cover the signs/symptoms of possible injury as well as the non-operative and operative approaches for correction. 

Jesse Krzyzanowski, Physical Therapist and Sports Clinical Specialist, will follow Dr. Spears and speak on preventative strategies, stretching routines, rehabilitation approaches, and the value of throwing assessments. 

Attendees will learn how we reduce the risk of shoulder discomfort and keep athletes safely on the playing field!

***Special Offer***
All attendees will receive a 50% discount on a throwing assessment ($100 value) with a chance to win 1 FREE assessment!

This is a FREE event but registration IS required here or by calling 920.445.7373 / 888.758.7373

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