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We are the Recruitment Team at Bellin Health and we are so glad you're here! Together, we serve all non-provider staff roles throughout the Bellin Health system. We strive to provide the best customer experience to you, the candidate, beginning with our very first connection to your onboarding experience. We hope you will trust in us to find the right placement for you, right here as a part of our Bellin Health family. At Bellin, you will give people more life to enjoy, including yourself! Don't see the opportunity you were looking for? Please reach out to us at




Samantha Van Asten, Sr.
Samantha Van Asten
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Team Facilitator

  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Bellin Brand
  • Recruitment Events
  • School Relationships/Youth Apprenticeship
  • Social Media

Kat Wolowicz
Kat Wolowicz
Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Accountable Care Services & Finance (Accounting, Billing, Coding, etc.)
  • Bellin Health Foundation
  • Home Health
  • Support Services (Environmental Services/EVS, Security, Food & Nutrition, Transport, etc.)
  • Project Management
  • System Quality & Improvement (Employee Health, Accreditation, Patient Safety, etc.)

Dianne Xiong
Dianne Xiong
Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Oconto Hospital
  • Neuroscience (Neurology Consultants, Pain Management, The Neuro Team, etc.)
  • Surgical & Procedural Services (Anesthesia, Cath Lab, GI Lab, Peri-op, etc.)
  • System Diagnostic Services (Lab, CT, Radiology, Ultrasound, etc.)

Jen Johnson - Talent Acquisition Specialist
Jen Johnson
Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Primary Care (all clinics)
  • Fast Care/Urgent Care
  • Specialty Clinics (ENT, Asthma & Allergy, Surgical Associates, etc.)
  • Generations

Katie Bartell
Katie Bartell
Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonology
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Oncology & Hematology
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Psychiatry & Mental Wellbeing (BPC)

Bri Wenzel
Bri Wenzel
HR Generalist

  • Bellin College
  • Customer Experience
  • Nursing Students/Externships
  • Clinical Nursing Ladder Program

Kayla Niquette
Kayla Niquette
Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Nursing & Clinical Practice (all Hospital based: Nursing Services, Nursing Units, Nurse Educators, etc.)

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
Bellin Health is in compliance with the equal opportunity policy and standards of the Department of Workforce Development, Department of Health and Family Services and all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations relating to nondiscrimination in employment and service delivery.
No otherwise qualified person shall be excluded from employment, be denied the benefits of employment or otherwise be subject to discrimination in employment in any manner on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin or ancestry, disability or association with a person with a disability, arrest or conviction record, sexual orientation, marital status or pregnancy, political belief, or affiliation, military participation, or use or non use of lawful products off the employers premises during working hours. All employees are expected to support goals and programmatic activities relating to nondiscrimination in employment.
No otherwise qualified applicant for service or service participant shall be excluded from participation, be denied benefits, or otherwise be subject to discrimination in any manner on the basis of race, color, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, disability or association with a person with a disability. This policy covers eligibility for the access to service delivery, and treatment in all of the programs and activities.