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While the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved and escalated quickly, communication with employees and community members is critical as well. During this time, we've learned it's important to continuously communicate information, transparently and authentically while acknowledging the stressors of the unknown and this new normal. Below are some communication tools Bellin Health has created which you are free to share and distribute with your employees, family and friends.

COVID-19 Testing

Online Resources and Health System Links

Support for Ongoing COVID Symptoms

Conversations with Dr. Brad Burmeister

CDC Poster Resources

COVID Symptoms and Hotline Posters

Difference Between Symptoms - COVID, Cold, Flu or Allergies Handout

Mental Health Moments

Personal Hygiene Videos - English

Personal Hygiene Videos - Spanish

  • Handwashing - Demostración de lavado de manos
  • Masking - Cómo usar una máscarilla de forma segura
  • Gloves - El uso de guantes

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