Lifesaver Wellbeing Series


Be You. Belong. Be a Lifesaver.

“Unmentionables” like strained relationships, financial stress and unfulfilled career goals impact our health. Trending today, organizations are shifting from a sole focus on physical health to a holistic solution linking physical interventions with emotional wellbeing. Bellin’s Lifesaver Wellbeing Series is a FREE, year-long program with resources to address the “unmentionables” and brings us together to improve our health and wellbeing while positively impacting workplace engagement and productivity.

The solution is simple:

  • BE YOU – Accept yourself just as you are, with unique interests and talents.
  • BELONG – Connect to a supportive community to share your gifts and receive encouragement.
  • BE A LIFESAVER – Your example can influence – and even save – someone’s life.

Life is about connections. Positive relationships happen when we connect with our true selves and accept others without judgment. The Lifesaver Wellbeing Series taps into this most basic of human needs to encourage, support, and connect with each other.

For more information on the FREE Lifesaver Wellbeing Series, contact Nurse Jesse at 920.436.8668 or email Interested in creating a Culture of Health at your organization, contact Kristin Jacques, Sr. Sales Executive at 920. 436.8682 or email

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