2018 Monthly Materials

The 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Each month the Lifesaver Wellbeing Series focuses on one of the 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing. This is important because it’s hard to lower cholesterol or manage diabetes when you’re stressed about financial problems, going through a divorce or feeling anxious or overwhelmed at work. First, it’s important to acknowledge and address the “unmentionables” that we keep hidden, which impede our ability to take good care of ourselves.

Monthly Materials

The monthly topic focus allows individuals and groups to explore the content in a way they feel most helpful. Downloadable, monthly materials include:

  • Wellbeing Handout featuring a local Lifesaver story – Stories are the most powerful form of communication. It’s what makes our Lifesavers so special. These are our local friends, family and neighbors sharing their personal stories of triumph. It makes change seem possible for anyone. You can choose to post or distribute these handouts, share the story at a meeting, use it in a newsletter or blog, on the intranet or attach as an email.
  • 11x17 Poster – Eye-catching and poignant, these messages are great for bulletin boards, useful for digital scrolling or printed larger for hi-traffic areas.
  • Outreach Emails – We’ve done the work for you. Each month we’re sharing two messages which you can customize with any activities your organization wants people to participate in. 
  • Lifesaver Video – Nothing captures the power of a story like a video. Our Lifesaver videos can be embedded in an email, played prior to a meeting and used as motivation and inspiration prior to kicking off a group activity.

Wellbeing Planning Calendar & Engagement Ideas

Looking for assistance in putting your wellbeing program together? We’ve made it easy and created a calendar template to keep you inspired, motivated and on-track in 2017 with health campaign dates, monthly topics, group sessions and engagement ideas. Busy with your day-to-day work and want help putting together your team’s wellbeing program? Learn more about how a Wellbeing Activator can help you develop a program and team of wellbeing champions at your organization.

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For more information on the FREE Lifesaver Wellbeing Series, contact Nurse Jesse at 920.436.8668 or email wellnessconsultant@bellin.org.

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