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Organizations are shifting from a sole focus on physical health to a holistic solution for overall wellbeing, linking physical interventions with social and emotional wellbeing. Bellin’s Lifesaver Wellbeing Series is a FREE year-long program with built-in, ready-to-use resources aimed at improving health and wellbeing while positively impacting workplace engagement.

The tenets of the Lifesaver Wellbeing Series are:

  • BE YOU – Accept yourself just as you are, with unique interests and talents.
  • BELONG – Connect to a supportive community to share your gifts and receive encouragement.
  • BE A LIFESAVER – Your example can influence – and even save – someone’s life.

The Lifesaver Wellbeing Series taps into these most basic human needs to encourage, support, and connect with each other through storytelling by featuring local Lifesavers: our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.

Getting started is easy:
STEP 1: Register Your Organization
STEP 2: Review the resources available through the Lifesaver Wellbeing Series and understand what engagement strategy would best fit your unique culture.

2020 Monthly Materials: Each month, content will focus on one dimension of wellbeing, with options to engage employees using helpful and easy challenge activities.


Wellbeing Handout (English and Spanish) featuring:

  • App or Podcast – Tools to align with the monthly wellbeing message
  • Just One Thing – A simple tactic for those too busy to “do wellness”
  • Local Lifesaver Story – Lifesavers are local friends, family, and co-workers sharing their personal stories of triumph in the various aspects of wellbeing, inviting the possibility of change for anyone.

You can choose to post or distribute these handouts in prominent places, play the Lifesaver story at a meeting to stimulate discussion, link the file in a newsletter or blog, place on your intranet, or attach as part of an email.

11x17 Poster (English and Spanish) – Perfect for bulletin boards, stairwells or printed larger for high-traffic areas.

Lifesaver Video – Nothing captures the power of a story like a video. Our Lifesaver videos can be embedded in an email, played during a meeting, and used as motivation and inspiration prior to kicking off a group activity.

NEW Banner Ad – Colorful, billboard-like visuals for social media and digital signage screens.

NEW Interactive Whiteboard – Hang a 3 ft. x 4 ft. white board in a central location with high visibility. A simple theme, with visual prompts encourages your team to engage in conversation and a reason to socialize at work.

Lifesaver Facebook Page  – Monthly materials, Lifesaver videos, inspiration, and education provided at your fingertips.

WELCOA Book Club Programs – The leader in workplace wellbeing, - Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) offers a host of relevant, research-driven, and engaging programs with educational books available at low cost to individuals and groups. Topics include stress reduction, overall wellbeing, nutrition, movement, sleep, and financial wellbeing. We’ve supplemented the WELCOA content with on-demand weekly videos and agendas, making this ‘Book club’ style format possible with a peer facilitator. Programs last 8 -12 weeks.

Challenges/Trackers: Wellness Challenges and trackers can engage your team in developing healthy habits. Each challenge includes ready-to-implement materials, which can be customized to fit your unique environment. Simply click on the materials, save to your files, add your content, and print or email. It's that simple.

STEP 3: Start Planning/Implementing: Use this editable calendar to add your programs, national observation days, local events, lunch ‘n’ learns, and more!

We know you are busy! Learn more about how a Wellbeing Activator can bring your program to life and build a culture of health at your organization. Contact Kristin Jacques, Sr. Sales Executive at 920. 436.8682 or email