Physical & Occupational Therapy

Bellin’s Ergonomics & Rehabilitation team consists of many team members including physical and occupational therapists. Our therapists have a unique blend of skills in the musculoskeletal system, body mechanic education, and ergonomic specialty training. When combining these areas of knowledge, we have been very successful in reducing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable strains/sprains. Furthermore, several of our therapists have received additional credentialing and are identified as being Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialists (CEES). 

Besides practicing traditional rehabilitation concepts our therapists are trained to use standardized ergonomic tools when assessing potential risk within industry.  These standardized tools are used to quantify potential risk factors, and then our therapists create recommendations to mitigate any at-risk situations. Much of their training is provided through Matheson and Advanced Ergonomics coursework.