Prevention & Early Intervention Programs

Bellin’s Ergonomics & Rehabilitation team is trained to provide injury prevention programs with the goal of avoiding OSHA recordable injuries without compromising care. A very effective approach for managing injuries without recordability is through our Early Intervention (EI) program. This intervention applies first aid style remedies which are used to help manage a strain/sprain type injury.  When providing EI care, to work related injuries, Bellin’s team is also sensitive to newer OSHA guidelines that distinguish between recordable and non-recordable care. 

Bellin’s Ergonomics & Rehabilitation team is also trained to provide a variety of additional injury prevention resources. Quantitative and defensible physical job descriptions are used to identify the physical job essential tasks. Detailed and office ergonomics help identify potential risk factors and then solutions are offered to reduce risks. Post-offer Functional Assessments (PFAs) and volunteer Physical Risk Assessments (PRAs) provide valid and reliable physical and functional testing to determine whether or not individuals can safely perform essential job tasks. Body mechanic training focuses on modifying individuals working postures in order to safely perform a task.  Job specific muscle training identifies and prepares specific muscle groups so that employees can better prepare their bodies for safe productive work.  These and other intervention types are unique in that injury prevention and decreasing the severity of injury becomes the primary goal.