Code of Ethics

Bellin Health System is committed to the highest standards of professional and organizational ethics:

  1. Every member of Bellin Health System will consistently treat all persons with dignity, respect, and courtesy.
  2. Bellin Health System will strive to provide services in accordance with accepted standards of care and avoid offering services that are known to be unnecessary or non-efficacious.
  3. Bellin Health System is committed to affordable healthcare for all.
  4. Bellin Health System will not discriminate, in either the provision of healthcare services or employment practices, on the basis of race, creed, nationality, religion, sex, or ability to pay.
  5. Bellin's commitment to health embraces both care of individuals and stewardship of resources.

Respect for the Person:

Informed consent will be obtained for all non-emergency procedures. At all times patients' desires, whether expressed directly or through medical advance directives, will be respected. Patients and others involved in their health care decisions will be informed of anticipated benefits, possible risks or complications, and treatment alternatives of any proposed procedure. The right of patients to refuse care will be honored, consistent with the legal and professional responsibilities of physicians and Bellin Health System.

Patients' ethnic, spiritual, cultural, and lifestyle diversities will be respected. Bellin will remain particularly sensitive to the role religious faith and cultural traditions may have in the healing process.


Bellin Health System affirms that the confidentiality and privacy of a person's medical record may not be compromised. Patient information will not be released beyond Bellin Health System without the written permission of the patient or legally authorized representative. Access to a patient's medical record within Bellin Health System is restricted to those individuals responsible for providing care under the direction of a physician, and to others only when necessary for the enhancement of the health and well-being of the patient. Any breach of confidentiality will be administratively addressed.

Standards of Care:

Bellin Health System will ensure equal access to care for all persons and adhere to professional standards of practice. Quality healthcare services will be provided in a timely manner, consistent with the needs of all who are served. All employees and volunteers will demonstrate and maintain professional skills, competencies, and expertise.

To improve quality and ensure public confidence, Bellin will participate with other institutions in quality improvement projects and maintain accreditation through professional review organizations.

All communications, including internal reports and promotional materials, will accurately represent Bellin's services, capabilities, and performance.

Resolution of Conflicts:

Whenever a conflict arises between a patient and healthcare providers, every effort will be made to resolve the conflict in a manner that respects the desires of the patient, the integrity of the persons involved, and Bellin Health System's fiduciary relationship to the people it serves.

Fair Billing Practices:

Bellin Health System is committed to affordable health care. Bellin will charge only for services actually provided and will provide assistance to patients in obtaining benefits to which they are entitled from private insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations, and government programs. All charges will be itemized and financial counselors will be available to respond to patient questions. Every effort will be made to resolve disputed charges to the satisfaction of the patient, consistent with Bellin's responsibility to other patients and to the community to maintain financial integrity.


To improve the overall health of individuals and the communities it serves, Bellin Health System is committed to health education. Patient education is an important component of health care and essential for giving informed consent. Community education programs, which raise awareness of public health and safety issues and contribute to the well being of community members, are an integral part of Bellin's civic responsibility. Continuing education for all members of Bellin Health System to assure compliance with professional standards and licensing criteria will be required. In anticipation of future health care needs, Bellin will provide or participate in accredited educational programs for students of nursing, medicine, and other healthcare professions.

Conflicts of Interest:

Potential conflicts of interest exist for all decision-makers at all levels of Bellin Health System. A conflict of interest involving any member of Bellin Health System or the medical staff must be disclosed so that appropriate action may be taken to assure that patient care or administrative decisions will not be inappropriately influenced. Members may not use their association with Bellin Health System to secure unfair personal advantage.

Work Environment:

All members of Bellin Health System will treat each other with dignity and respect. Demeaning comments and insensitive or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. All employees and volunteers are entitled to work in an environment free of sexual harassment.

Stewardship of Resources:

As a non-profit organization, Bellin will manage its resources in ways that improve the quality and reduce the cost of health care. Decisions regarding capital expenditures will be based upon anticipated benefit to the community as well as financial considerations. Bellin will not knowingly invest pension or other cash assets in corporations that have been shown to engage in practices or manufacture products that either are known to be hazardous or contribute to the escalating costs of healthcare.

Bellin Health System recognizes its responsibility as an employer and healthcare provider to adopt practices that promote healthy lifestyles. Salaries and benefits will be non-discriminatory and market competitive. All volunteers and employees will be treated as Bellin's most important resource.