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Am I warm or is this a hot flash?

A hot flash is a signature symptom of menopause – when a woman permanently stops experiencing her menstrual cycles. And if you’re one of the 37.5 million American women nearing menopausal age, you probably already know firsthand what a hot flash is.

Hot flashes are sudden and intense sensations of heat felt in the face, neck and chest. They may be accompanied by a red, flushed face, and any combination of rapid heartbeats, spontaneous perspiration, clamminess, nausea, anxiety and more.

According to estimates, 50-80 percent of women will experience hot flashes at some point in their lives. Each hot flash episode may last up to 5 minutes or more. They can become disruptive to a woman’s daily life and may even adversely affect sleeping patterns at night.

Thankfully there are a number of menopause treatment options that can provide you a measure of relief. Hormonal and non-hormonal medications, herbal remedies and simple lifestyle changes are just a few of the treatment options that can help you manage hot flashes. The best and safest treatment options for you can be discussed with menopause doctors.

- Dr. Anna Igler
Dr. Anna Igler is a board certified OB/Gyn doctor.