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Pregnant? You Can Still Train for the Bellin Run

Pregnant women don’t have to shelve their Bellin Run dreams, says a pregnancy expert at Bellin Health Generations, a women’s health clinic.

In fact, maintaining your fitness can be beneficial to your pregnancy. Whether that means walking or moderately running the 38th annual Bellin Run will depend on a conversation with your physician, and the resulting recommendations.

“Under your physician’s care, it’s generally safe to continue training during pregnancy,” said Dr. Yoon Chun of Bellin Health Generations. “Moderate exercise promotes a healthy pregnancy by strengthening the pelvic and lower back muscles which ultimately can lead to a much smoother labor.”

Exercise increases a body’s circulation, according to Chun. “For a pregnant woman, that can lead to decreased instances of constipation, fewer hemorrhoids, less varicose veins and leg cramps, and reduced ankle swelling.”

The benefits don’t end there.

Many pregnant women experience mood swings, anxiety, occasional depression, insomnia and self-image issues. Training for the Bellin Run can help erase or at least lessen much of that.

Recent studies suggest that maintaining a moderate fitness regimen during pregnancy can result in shorter labor, fewer medical interventions, less exhaustion and increased endurance during labor.

“In addition,” Chun said. “Regular exercise, like that associated with training for the Bellin Run, can help reduce pregnancy-induced fatigue, giving you a positive attitude while also providing you more energy to make it through the day.”

That’s why she encourages pregnant women to keep those Bellin Run hopes alive.

“If you want to, then go do it,” she said. “Your physician can guide you in determining an appropriate level of exercise during your pregnancy. It might not be the year to set a personal record, and we strongly recommend you go at your own pace rather than overdoing it, but you really don’t have to sit out this year’s Bellin Run because you’re pregnant. Do it for you and do it for the baby.”

Dr. Yoon Chun
Dr. Yoon Chun, MD, is a female doctor specializing in OB/GYN, Obstetrics, Robotic Surgery Gynecological, Infertility, Urogynecology, and Gynecology.