Your gateway to free health services and more convenience.
When you join My Bellin Health, it gives you access to some powerful tools that can help make healthcare easier, faster and maybe even safer by giving you the ability to access and share important medical information when you need it.

My Bellin Health lets you:

  • Communicate with your physician through a protected web site
  • Request appointments online
  • Refill prescription online
  • View lab test results
  • View your health information
  • Track your health
  • View and pay your bills online

Manage your family's health via "proxy access". To set up proxy access you can either:

  • Fill out a form at your next clinic visit
  • Request access online. Once you are active on My Bellin Health, login to the site and select the Administrative link, then My Family's Record. The proxy access form is available on this page to fill out online.

How Does It Work?
My Bellin Health is a secure, private online site that you can access through the web. When you join, you'll have your own, personal login information that will take you to your account. There you'll have access to information and tools that can help you manage appointments, billing, questions, prescriptions and more. Even manage your children or adult family member's health information.

Ask any staff member at your Bellin Health Family Medical Center for more information. Or visit

Visit and click Register Now to create your own, free account and start using these powerful healthcare management tools today.