Walk-In Orthopedics Injury Clinics

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Same-Day Access to Orthopedic Care

For potential fractures, sprains, strains, and more

Broken bones and other orthopedic injuries can happen playing sports, on the job, and in everyday life.

If you have an orthopedic injury that needs immediate attention, Bellin Health has made it easy to get care without multiple visits or an expensive trip to the ER.

Whether you're injured at home, at your workplace, or on the football field, you'll get the same expert attention: walk in, see a provider, receive a diagnosis, and get treated - all in one location.

Your Visit to a Walk-In Orthopedics Injury Clinic

Injured and not sure what to do? Come on in! The staff of Licensed Athletic Trainers will ensure that you will be seen right away and help to navigate you to the proper specialist if that is necessary. For those who have the preference of receiving care from the comfort of your home, video visits as a first point of contact with our staff of Licensed Athletic Trainers is also now available as an option for scheduling! Already been seen by your primary care provider who has referred you to us for orthopedic care due to a new injury? Give us a call, and we will gladly schedule you to be seen, today! Depending on your MD's referral to the Walk-In, or based on your individual evaluation, you will receive or be referred for:

  • A home exercise or therapy program
  • A comprehensive plan to care for your injury at home
  • A sports medicine or orthopedic physician for further evaluation and any and all needed imaging: X-ray, MRI, Lab Testing - guaranteed to see you that same day

Please Note: Due to government regulations, patients with a federally funded healthcare program (Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care or any other Medicare Advantage policies) are not eligible for our free-walk in assessment.  If you are interested in being scheduled with one of our providers please call (920) 430-4888.

Our Specialties

To make sure you get the best care possible for your orthopedic injury, the Walk-In Orthopedics Injury Clinics bring some of the best orthopedic specialists to two convenient locations.

Our Specialties

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Hip
  • Hand and Wrist
  • Total Joint Replacement

Meet Our Specialists

  • Ryan Berns, MD
  • Specialty: Sports Medicine
  • Benjamin 'Beau' Ebben, MD
    Specialty: Foot and Ankle
  • James Ebben, MD
    Specialty: Sports Medicine
  • Steven H. Goldberg, MD
    Specialty: Hand, Wrist and Elbow
  • Patrick McKenzie, MD
    Specialty: Sports Medicine
  • David Ruta, MD
    Specialty: Foot and Ankle
  • Kevin Shepet, MD
    Specialty: Sports Medicine and Shoulder Replacement
  • James Spears, MD
    Specialty: Sports Medicine
  • Derek Vaughn, MD
    Specialty: Hand, Wrist and Elbow, Shoulder Replacement

Injuries We Refer to Other Specialists

Some injuries and chronic conditions need to be treated somewhere other than a Walk-In Orthopedics Injury Clinic.

  • Non-orthopedic problems
  • Open wounds
  • Severe fractures - if you suspect a bone might be broken, we can help, but if your bone is visibly fractured and the skin is open, you'll need to visit the Emergency Department where one of our Trauma Orthopedic Surgeons will care for you right away
  • Chronic work-related injuries - a Walk-In Orthopedics Injury Clinic is equipped to handle acute on-the-job injuries, but longstanding issues are better managed by your primary care provider
  • Fibromyalgia

For any of these conditions, please visit the Emergency Department or schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

Where the Pros Go

Bellin Health is proud to be the official healthcare provider of the Green Bay Packers - but all our patients get the same pro-level, expert care.

Visiting Titletown

1970 S. Ridge Road
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone: 920.430.4888

Walk-In Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8 am - 5 pm (Extended coverage is available with a Licensed Athletic Trainer until 6 pm.)
  • Saturday: 8 am - 12 noon (No physician is available at this time, but the clinic will be staffed by a Licensed Athletic Trainer.)

Please note: Hours may vary on Packer home game days.

Visiting Marinette

2820 Roosevelt Road
Marinette, WI 54143
Phone: 715.735.5225

Walk-In Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Video Visits

To ensure that all our patients have access to the orthopedics care they need, we also offer Virtual Visits — video visits with our Licensed Athletic Trainers.

To schedule a Virtual Visit:


Walk-In Orthopedics Clinics gladly accommodate walk-in patients, but if you prefer to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us.