Our Mission, Vision and Strategy


In partnership, we enable every person and community in our region to achieve and maintain their full health and well-being potential through our relentless commitment to quality, experience and affordability. 


All people in our region will be their healthiest during every stage of their lives and our communities will thrive. 


We create meaningful connections and build lasting relationships to protect and improve health and well-being.

  •  We attract and retain high performing people and teams.
  •  We know, support and celebrate our people and teams.
  •  We build loyalty through our commitment to putting patients and families first.
  •  We actively listen and communicate with honesty and transparency.
  •  We promote better health and well-being as Bellin Health ambassadors.
  •  We help our communities thrive through partnership, investment and health care that is local.

Service Excellence
We put patients first, providing care that places safety, quality and experience before task.

  • We provide The Bellin Experience to all – “I will know you. I will show you respect. I will go with you on your journey. I am here to help you.” – by practicing “Vital Behaviors.”
  • We work together as a team to provide services that are easy to access and navigate for all.
  • We honor and protect privacy and confidentiality.
  • We provide timely responses, ensuring needs are addressed.
  • We demonstrate agility and flexibility in adapting to change.
  • We provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered care.
  • We anticipate and address problems and concerns head-on, in real-time whenever possible, always treating feedback as a gift and source of learning.

Diversity & Inclusion
We embrace diversity of all kinds and enable every person the opportunity to achieve their full health and well-being potential.

  • We commit to equity, inclusion and respect for all; working to ensure all who engage with us feel welcomed, valued and heard.
  • We listen to what matters to our patients, employees, partners and other customers and include them in service design and delivery.
  • We engage different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to inform, challenge and stretch our thinking.
  • We cultivate an environment that enables open dialogue and education about diversity and inclusion.
  • We commit to a more diverse workforce.
  • We partner with others to boldly address the social determinants of health.

Continuous Improvement
We get better each day through our commitment to learning, creative solutions and discipline for improvement.

  • We develop and equip our people and teams to provide the best possible care and experience at the most affordable price.
  • We use data to drive our improvement work.
  • We seek to remove frustration and obstacles for those we serve and each other, “Getting to Yes” whenever possible.
  • We learn and benefit from each other, sharing insights and solutions throughout the organization.
  • We see accomplishments and improvements as steps to build on, believing things can always be better.
  • We collaborate with other health systems to improve the health and well-being in the communities we serve.

We encourage curiosity, test the status quo, invest in new ideas and take informed risk to shape a better future.

  • We are unstoppable in our quest to find new and better ways – better health, better experience, better value – to help the people we serve to be their healthiest and our communities to thrive.
  • We experiment, creating small and rapid tests of change that can be learned from, scaled and spread as appropriate.  
  • We have the courage and resources to try new things and learn from both our successes and failures.
  • We learn from others and invite others to learn from us.
  • We view diversity and partnership as key to achieving meaningful innovation.
  • We take calculated, innovative risks because we are confident in our decision tools and each other.


The Best People & Teams
Bellin Health actively recruits and retains the best talent that is diverse and inclusive.  We will know and value each team member’s unique passion, strengths, contributions and desire for improvement.  We will develop capable, empowered, resilient individuals and teams to do great things for those we serve and for each other.  We will improve safety and well-being while inspiring enjoyment in work. Team is how we get things done!

The Best Experience
Bellin Health creates trusted relationships by listening with intent, communicating clearly and viewing all we do through the eyes of the people we serve. Our services will be easy to access and easy to navigate. Our prices and outcomes will be readily available and easy to understand. We deliver the Bellin Promise to all “I will know you. I will show you respect. I will go with you on your journey. I am here to help you.”

The Best Care
Bellin Health aims to increase years of quality life by providing the highest quality, reliable care that is innovative, equitable, coordinated and affordable for everyone. Through collaborative relationships, we will address the social determinants of health to positively impact the health and well-being of our patients and communities.

The Best Partner
Bellin Health continues to grow relationships with individuals, employers, schools, and communities to increase the number of people who choose Bellin Health as their healthcare partner. Our partnerships, stewardship and positive financial performance will drive better health, better communities and lower total cost of care. Together, we will design services and support policies that socially, economically and environmentally shape a better future.