COVID Safety Policy for Patients and Visitors

We know that while most of our patients are able to visit Bellin on their own, others need someone to come along and help. We want to do everything we can to accommodate you.

  • For your safety and everyone else’s, we ask that all visitors pass our entry screening and wear a mask at all times
  • If you’re a patient and you don’t need a support person, we ask that you come alone

Thanks for helping us stop the spread of COVID-19.


Those allowed to be with the patient as noted below, will be required to wear a face covering and follow safety precautions related to handwashing and social distancing.  (This is without exception.)  Those visitors that are unable to tolerate a face covering will not be allowed to visit.  Visitors should self-monitor prior to arrival, and those that are ill, are currently experiencing COVID symptoms, or have had COVID-19 in the past 14 days should not visit in person.  Arrangements can be made to allow virtual visitation. **definition of one visitor means “only one visitor at a time in the building”.  In the past we learned that it isn’t always possible for the same person to be present during all the patients stay-and families may need to alternate.  Exception: 2 visitors will be allowed when a newborn is being cared for throughout the system

Emergency Department Patient
One visitor may be with patient. (If patient is admitted, rules of the unit apply.)
Outpatient Surgeries/Procedures
One visitor may be here during surgery/procedure. (If patient is admitted, rules of the unit apply).
Outpatient/Clinic Appointments
One visitor may be with patient.
Adult Inpatient
One visitor may be with patient.
Manor Care Location
One visitor may be with patient.
Oconto Hospital
One visitor may be with patient
Maternity Inpatient
One visitor and one doula as part of their care team may be with patient.
Pediatric Inpatient (under 18)
One visitor may be with patient. (2 visitors allowed for newborns)
End of Life Inpatient
Special arrangements made on case-by-case basis.
Isolation Inpatient
No visitors allowed. (Special considerations for End-of-Life circumstances or circumstances where visitation can be done safely for the mental health of the patient.)


Same parameters as “Hospital Campus” and as noted below.

Adult Patient
One person may be with patient.
Pediatric Patient (Under 18)
One parent or guardian may be with patient. **2 visitors allowed to accompany a newborn
Maternity Patient
One person, labor coach and/or doula may be with patient.
Bellin Psychiatric Center
Two persons may be with minor patient as part of the care process.  One visitor for adult patients.
Outpatient Oncology, Hematology & Infusion Services
One visitor for office and infusion room. No visitors in radiation treatment areas.

Bellin Health has created an additional resource for patients that are unable to have visitors or have family that are ill and unable to enter the family.

The Bellin Angels are here to ensure that our patients are able to stay connected with their loved ones, even if they cannot be with them.  Angels can help connect patients to their loved ones virtually.  If you would like access to the Bellin Angels Team, please call Chaplaincy at (920) 433-3482.