Compare Medical Care

Welcome to Compare Medical Care from Bellin Health. How do you shop for healthcare? At a time when more healthcare dollars are coming out of your pocket, how do you discover what things really cost?

Shouldn’t someone be willing to tell you upfront so that you can make the decision that’s best for you?

Welcome to Bellin Health and our new service: Compare Medical Care, where we can help you compare apples to apples by giving you information that you can use to compare Bellin with other hospitals and clinics. You’ll receive a cost estimate, plus information on Bellin’s quality outcomes and experience in performing that procedure – all in writing and in a format you can use to compare apples to apples with other health systems.

Welcome to Compare Medical Care from Bellin Health. To find out more information on the cost and quality of procedures performed at Bellin, call 920 431-5667 or view it online.

When it comes to helping you make good healthcare decisions, no one else compares.