Innovative Bellin Health Program to Provide Hospital Charge Estimates

How Much Does it Co$t?

What’s a normal vaginal delivery charge? How much is an MRI? These are questions more and more people and companies are asking of hospitals. NOW these are questions Bellin Health has answers to. All you have to do is ask!

Compare Medical Care

Compare Medical Care is an innovative new program at Bellin Health designed to provide health care consumers and employers with the access to hospital charges. We believe this is essential for them to make health care decisions based on true value.

How it Works

If you or a family member are having an upcoming hospital procedure please call the Compare Care Line at (431) 5667 (toll free 800-431-5667) to obtain a charge estimate. Your call will be answered by a Bellin Health Financial Advisor who will either provide you immediately with the charge information from an existing database, or they will inform you they need to research the procedure and will have an answer for you within two business days.

Every response from Bellin Health will include both a verbal estimate given over the phone and a detailed written estimate, which will be mailed to the caller. The charge information given is only an estimate based on historical charge data.

Quality Information

We also believe the value of health care is more than cost; it is also dependent on quality indicators. We encourage you to compare cost and quality with other health care organizations in the region as well as across the country. In the past few years, various reporting organizations have developed interactive public web sites with health care charge and quality information. But all sources are not equal, and consumers must be certain the data is based on national standards and benchmarks for quality and safety. Below are web sites that we encourage you to explore.