Hospital Floor Directory

Advanced Care (John P. Cofrin Heart Center and Jack & Engrid Meng Family Center) 2
Board Room 3
Neuro Team (725 Building, 1st floor) 1
CAT Scan Lobby
Cafeteria (Lulu's Table) Lobby
Chest Pain Center (Emergency Department) Lobby
Cardiac Care Center (Robert & Leslie Shade Cardiac Care Center) 5
Cardiac Short Stay Unit 5
Cardiopulmonary & Vascular Rehab 2
Cath Lab 5
Chapel/Meditation Room Lobby
Chaplain Office Lobby
Clinical Decision Unit 5
Coffee Shop (Percy's Perks) Lobby
Computer Internet Stations - Family & Community Resource Center Lobby
CT Imaging Lobby
Emergency Department (Arlene B. Walter Emergency Services) Lobby
Employee Health Ground
Family & Community Resource Center Lobby
Gift Shoppe Lobby
Home Infusion LL
Imaging Services LL
Inpatient Pharmacy LL
Kresge Center 3
Laboratory LL
Laird Welcome Center (Robert H. & Jane G. Laird Welcome Center) Lobby
Mail Center Lobby
Maternity (Marguerite L. Kress Birthing Center) 3
Medical Records LL
Medical Staff Services 7
Meditation Room / Chapel Lobby
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 3
Nuclear Medicine 2
Nutrition 5
Occupational Therapy 8
Orthopedic (Carol & Robert Bush Orthopedic Center) 8
Pathology LL
Patient Access (Robert H. & Jane G. Laird Admitting Center) Lobby
Patient Rooms: 145-175 1
Patient Rooms: 252-277 2
Patient Rooms: 301-326 (Maternity - Kress Birthing Center) 3
Patient Rooms: 319-329 (Pediatrics) 3
Patient Rooms: 401-427 4
Patient Rooms: 701-717 7
Patient Rooms: 801-830 8
Patient Rooms CDU 11 - CDU 22 5
Pediatric Rooms: 351 - 363 3
Pharmacy - Bellin Health Retail Lobby
Physical Therapy (Emil & Gail Fischer Therapy Center) 8
Pulmonary Function Lab (Richard & Joyce Bush Sleep & Pulmonary Center) 7
Radiology (X-Ray) LL
Retail Pharmacy Lobby
School of Radiology LL
Security Ground
Sleep Lab (Richard & Joyce Bush Sleep & Pulmonary Center) 7
Speech Therapy 8
Surgery General 6
Surgery Short Stay (Schreiber Foods Outpatient Surgery Recovery Unit) 8
Surgery Short Stay 3
Therapy Services 8
Tunnel to St. Vincent Hospital LL
Valet Parking: Webster Avenue Lobby
Ultrasound (CT Imaging) LL
Volunteer Services Ground
Women's Services (Mammography) LL
Wound Healing 5
X-Ray (Imaging) LL