Program Supports Commercial Drivers’ Health

Aims to recognize, combat chronic conditions common within profession

Bellin Occupational Health in Marinette has developed and piloted a health promotion program, “Caring for Commercial Drivers’ Lives,” to combat the rise in chronic health conditions among this population and to assist with maintaining truck drivers’ licensure.

Clinic Nurse Practitioner Susan Sanfilippo is spearheading the program after completing her doctoral dissertation on the topic of improving commercial drivers’ health. The program aims to identify drivers who have symptoms of certain chronic conditions such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes; refer them to a primary care provider; and enroll them in a two-month health improvement program.

“We know how important it is to be healthy and free of these lifestyle-related chronic conditions,” Sanfilippo said. “What’s more, when these conditions are severe enough they can actually be debilitating, and disqualify an individual from having licensure as a commercial driver.”

Long, sedentary hours on the road and a lack of nutritious dining options are often detrimental to truck drivers’ health, Sanfilippo added. “Caring for Commercial Drivers’ Lives” gives participants the tools they need to improve wellbeing and make healthy choices on the job.

Commercial drivers with who are interested in the program are invited to call (715) 735-2200 to ask a question or make an appointment with Sanfilippo.