Bellin Hospital Naval Deployment Extended 30 Days

23-person team assisting with high hospital volumes, adding capacity

The U.S. Navy team supporting Bellin Memorial Hospital will stay an additional 30 days after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently accepted Bellin’s application for an extension of its service. The team is now scheduled to depart at the end of February.

A 23-person team from the Navy arrived Dec. 28 to assist with continued high hospital volumes due to COVID-19 and overall demands on the hospital and health system. The assistance also has allowed Bellin to increase capacity and reduce the number of diversions and refused transfers from within Wisconsin.

“The Navy’s assistance during this incredibly busy time has been invaluable, and their support remains critical as we continue to navigate the current COVID-19 surge,” said Bellin Health Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President Laura Hieb. “These highly skilled professionals quickly became valued members of our Bellin team, and we are so grateful for their service to our hospital and region.”

The Navy team includes physicians, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and administrative staff. Since its arrival, the team has been tremendously helpful with patient throughput, and has allowed Bellin to open up newly constructed space to house non-COVID patients.

“These are unprecedented times and we are taking unprecedented measures to meet the needs of our patients and communities,” Hieb said. “Our sincere thanks to all those involved in these incredibly important efforts, which truly underscore our Bellin mantra that ‘team is how we get things done.’ ”