Bellin Health Oconto Hospital to Host Active Weapon Response Drill

Bellin Health Oconto Hospital will be the site of a live active weapon response drill from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16. This drill will include:
• An actor playing the role of an assailant
• On-site scenarios carried out in various areas of the hospital
• Whistle blasts to simulate a weapon being fired

Bellin Health is seeking the news media’s help to inform the public this drill will be occurring. Direct patient communications, on-site signage, overhead public address announcements and social media, along with internal Bellin communications, also are being used to get the word out.

“Tabletop drills are helpful, but there is no substitute for a live-action drill of this type in terms of enhancing our emergency preparedness efforts,” said Bellin Health Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Kobielak. “We thank our teams, patients and the general public for their patience and understanding as we work through these critical drills — exercises that can keep us all safer in the long run.”