New system adds muscle to Bellin’s fitness center program


GREEN BAY — Bellin Health’s west side fitness center has added the Fitlinxx computerized training assistant system to its existing exercise equipment in an effort to offer members improved workouts with better outcomes, said Mary Hiltunen, director of orthopedics and sports medicine for Bellin Health.
The system, an easy-to-read touch-screen monitor – slightly larger in size than a paperback book – attaches directly to fitness equipment and tracks a user’s progress, coaching them individually through their varied physical activities to ensure better form, safety and confidence. The west side fitness center, 1630 Commanche Ave., Green Bay, is currently the only Green Bay-area fitness facility to use the system.
“It’s a great tool for our members and goes a long way toward helping them achieve their health and fitness goals,” Hiltunen said. “It tracks information such as the amount of weight a member lifts, the number of repetitions completed, the speed and even the range of motion of a user’s workout session. This system is so detailed, it remembers the settings you use on our exercise machines.”
Fitlinxx systems are networked into a central database, giving fitness center members and staff easy access to a wide range of information about a member’s fitness progress that can be accessed anytime, even from a home computer.
In other news, Bellin Health will open a fitness center in March in the Cornerstone Community Center on Main Avenue in west De Pere. The center comes almost one year after the announcement of a five-year sports medicine partnership with Cornerstone.