Mann earns menopause practitioner credential


BELLEVUE — Randi Mann, a board certified nurse practitioner at the Bellin Health Center for Health & Healing, recently earned her menopause practitioner certification from the North American Menopause Society.

Randi Mann, formerly Randi Burnham, has been the program coordinator for the Women’s Midlife Health program at Bellin’s Center for Health & Healing for more than two years. Earning the menopause practitioner certification means Mann follows national standards to ensure high-quality care for women at menopause and beyond.

“Until we have formal board certification in menopausal medicine, North American Menopause Society credentialing is the best way of validating our expertise,” Mann said.

There are about 500 credentialed menopause practitioners worldwide. Mann is one of Wisconsin’s 12 credentialed menopause practitioners.

The Center for Health & Healing at Bellin’s new Bellevue facility, 3263 Eaton Road, is the only formal integrated medicine program in Green Bay that embraces traditional medicine and the art of ancient healing to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal.

The center offers a wide range of therapies and services integrated with, and designed to complement, traditional medical care. The use of traditional and complementary therapy methods and exercise helps ensure body, mind and spirit are working together to promote optimal health. With a vast array of conventional and complementary therapies available in one location, the center offers an integrative approach to care.

Some of the services available at the center include: integrative medicine consultations which may include nutrition/supplement counseling; Women’s Midlife Program; physical therapy; acupuncture; yoga; massage therapy; and therapeutic movement. The Midlife Program is specific to menopause. The other services may be prescribed for a midlife woman depending on her needs.

Mann employs a holistic, individualized approach for women during midlife, offering customized dosed, bio-identical hormones when appropriate for symptom relief.

For more information about the Center for Health & Healing or to schedule a midlife consultation, please call (920) 433-6700.

Mann also provides routine gynecologic care for women one day a week at Women’s Specialty Care, 2641 Development Drive, Green Bay. For information, call (920) 338-6868.