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Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Think you've been exposed? Wondering about the COVID-19 vaccine? We can help.

Ariens Nearsite Employer Clinics for Primay Care, Physical Therapy and Diabetic Education*
(*A referral from your Primary Care provider is needed to see a Diabetic Educator)
Cost: $10 copays

Open To: Employees, spouses and dependents on the AriensCo. health plan
Only retirees who are on the company’s insurance plan and not eligible for government-sponsored insurance may use the Bellin Nearsite benefits.

It is important that you bring your insurance card and copayment with you to your appointment.  No cash or checks, credit card only.

Primary Care:
  • Respiratory symptoms (COVID-like symptoms; care team member will help connect you with the correct care)
  • Physicals for both sports and well-exams
  • Chronic disease management
  • Acute symptoms – ear infections, headache, migraine, urinary tract and yeast infection, burns, and more (X-rays not included)
  • Minor treatments – wart treatment, staple removal, and more
  • Immunizations and laboratory services
  • Electronic medication prescriptions and refills

Physical Therapy:

Customized treatment plans including:

  • Acute injury consultation
  • Options for chronic pain and muscle or joint discomfort throughout the body
  • Therapy for headaches, jaw pain, and dizziness
  • Postsurgical therapy

Diabetic Education (available after a Primary Care Provider Referral):

  • Learn how to balance eating, physical activity, medication, and blood sugar monitoring routines.
  • Incorporate lifestyle needs, such as cultural eating habits and exercise preferences, into your self-management plan.
  • Make traveling and dining out easier and healthier.
  • Learn how to prevent, recognize, and treat high and low blood sugars, and devise a plan for sick days.
  • Help prevent or delay other complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, foot problems, nerve damage, and sexual problems.
  • Develop healthy coping strategies and problem solving skills.
  • Improve confidence in personal ability to manage diabetes.

Onsite Nurse Coach Services –
No cost appointments available for employees on the health plan.

Walk Ins:
Walk-ins welcome upon availability, call:

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Plant 3

Plant 4

  • Sore throats, earaches, sinus infections, and flu or cold symptoms (COVID-like symptoms; a care team member will help connect you with the correct care)
  • Manage chronic conditions – high blood pressure, diabetes, tobacco addiction, and more
  • Lose weight and improve nutritional choices
  • Learn and use stress-reduction techniques
  • First aid for injuries
  • Immunizations
  • COVID testing

Several Bellin Health providers are registered to provide telehealth services to patients in Florida. To learn more, visit