Covid-19 Screenings

Schedule Your Video Visit

Scheduling video visits is easy. Simply follow the prompts below to select your video visit appointment date and time.

1) Under Location, select "Bellin Health Video Visit" 

2) An additional drop-down menu will appear titled "Visit Type".

  • If you will be in Wisconsin during your video visit, select "Video Visit-In WIsconsin" from the "Visit Type" select menu.
  • If you are Michigan resident, select "Video Visit-In Michigan" from the "Visit Type" select menu.

Please Note:

  • A link with instructions to access your video visit appointment will be sent to your email address approximately 5 – 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.
  • Video visit appointments scheduled with a first available Bellin Health virtual provider will cost $70 and will not be billed to insurance. Patients will be responsible for the $70 cost.

To schedule your appointment online:

  1. Select the Location
  2. Select the Visit Type
  3. Click Submit