Urgent Care vs. FastCare vs. ER?

When you are sick or injured, you have several options for quick, thorough care. How do you know which is the right choice?

FastCare offers several locations to treat minor illnesses and health care needs, including sore throats, earaches, sinus infections, flu or cold symptoms, urinary tract infections, insect bites, and more.

At Bellin Health Urgent Care, we provide care for colds and flu, broken bones, cuts requiring stitches, and other ailments that are not life-threatening. We are there for you when your regular doctor is not available and you can’t wait for an appointment.

For chest pains, major injury, or other life-threatening medical needs, see Bellin Health Emergency Services or call 911. Bellin Health Emergency Services is equipped to treat life threating emergencies and traumatic injuries. 

The information in the link below is provided to help you manage your health and the cost of health care by accessing the right care when you need it, even if it’s “after hours” or the clinic is closed.

Emergency and After Hours Care Locations