Location & Hours

FastCare from Bellin Health is about getting help when you're sick. Without a big bill.

We've combined the two things you want most when you're sick: no appointment and medical attention when you need it at one low price.

With the recent Shopko news, we want to spread the word that Bellin Health FastCare is still here to serve you at each of our five locations. Here's what you should know:

  • We are and will remain open for business! Since 2006, we've been here to provide you with the right care, right now, at affordable prices. This commitment remains unchanged.
  • We can quickly and easily meet your prescription needs at the local pharmacy of your choice. Just stop in for a visit and we'll take care of the rest.

Remember, services are just $69 per visit, with no appointment required (and you don't have to be a Bellin patient to be seen). FastCare is great for when you have a cold, sore, throat, need a flu shot or a host of other health needs.