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Regardless of whether your child's doctor is a pediatrician or a family practice physician, you can be assured you will get exceptional care at any of Bellin primary care locations. Our doctors understand that children are simply not small adults, they may have different symptoms and need different care. They know what care is right for them. Bellin Health staff consists of a number of different specialties:


The Children's Team is home to some of the most beloved pediatricians in the region-doctors who specialize in helping kids grow up healthy, and helping parents sleep at night.

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Whether you're eight days or 80 years old, the right family medicine doctor can be a source of health, wellness, and healing for you and your entire family. And The Children's Team has the right family physician for you.

Family Medicine Locations


Few things are more troubling for a parent than admitting a child into a hospital. And few things can make everyone feel better than a Bellin Health pediatric hospitalist whose primary job is to make sure your child receives the care he or she needs, and that you get the emotional support and information that you need. Bellin Health is one of only a few hospitals in the state that offers these highly trained, kid and family focused doctors who work with your child's primary care doctor and the hospital staff to deliver high quality care for your child.


Nurses are awesome. And nurses who specialize in caring for children are a Godsend to a worried parent. At Bellin Health, The Children's Team is chock full of pediatric nurses who are specially trained to provide child-sized care, along with large doses of comfort and compassion. So, when your child needs a hand, our pediatric nurses are ready to wrap their arms around your entire family.


Sure, The Children's Team at Bellin Health is a comprehensive, integrated network of wonderful care. But accessing that care is really, really easy. Two great ways to find what you're looking for are:

  1. Visit Choose a Provider where you'll find answers and information on Bellin physicians and members of The Children's Team.
  2. Call 920-445-7373, and talk to us about what you're looking for.