Hearing Aids, Hearing Impairment and Hearing Loss

A symphony’s finale. A baby’s laugh. A crowd’s cheer.

Your hearing loss is unique, but there’s no reason someone who’s hearing impaired can’t experience the audible sensations of life in high-definition audio. Our team at Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat will create a customized hearing solution using expertise from more than 30 years of experience providing the Green Bay region with full audiology services.

More than just the latest hearing aid technology and equipment from the best manufacturers, our experts provide consultation based on your specific hearing loss challenges to provide solutions that ultimately aid hearing. Our team is led by doctors, not just technicians, who stay current on the latest research and treatments in hearing loss and the hearing aid solutions that can help.

What’s more, we’ll provide cleaning services and FREE maintenance of your new hearing aid for the first year.

When you’re ready to talk about fundamentally improving your life, we at the hearing aid center are ready to listen. Contact Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat to learn more about the preliminary hearing test and your choices of hearing aids!

To get you started, here are common questions from patients with hearing problems to consider before your consultation:

  • How can I tell if I’m experiencing hearing loss?
  • How and where do I get a hearing test?
  • How will you test my hearing?
  • Can you perform an online hearing test?
  • Which procedures or devices will provide me with the best hearing experience?
  • What kind of hearing devices are available?
  • What are hearing aids?
  • Where do I get hearing aids?
  • Which hearing aids should I consider?
  • What procedure is required to implant the hearing aid in my ear?
  • What is the average price or cost of hearing aids?
  • Is a hearing aid the same device as a digital aid?
  • How will digital hearing aids improve my overall hearing health?
  • What can I expect from a hearing aid battery?