Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery

Minimally Invasive Hernia Surgery. One More Reason to Have it Done at Bellin.

Setting a Standard of Excellence

Since 2014, Bellin Health has maintained its status as an SRC-accredited Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery (COEHS). The hospital and accredited providers are recognized for sustaining a culture of excellence by committing to safety, high-quality care and optimal patient outcomes.

Surgeons of Excellence in Hernia Surgery

  • Christopher Rupp, MD
  • Laura Hill, MD
  • Marcelo U. Grazziotin, MD
  • Matthew Ough, MD, FACS
  • Nicholas Coorough, MD
  • Jennifer Erickson Foster, MD

What are the requirements of SRC accreditation?

To achieve accreditation, providers undergo a rigorous, unbiased inspection to ensure they meet nationally and internationally recognized standards of excellence. Unlike some accreditation programs, SRC is not part of a medical society that uses its members to evaluate colleagues. The inspection evaluates treatment pathways and consultative services, equipment used for treatment, patient education and support groups available.

What sets SRC-accredited providers apart?

Many accreditation programs accredit only the facility. SRC is unique in accrediting not only the facility where procedures are performed, but the individual providing the treatment: the doctor. SRC accreditation distinguishes Bellin Health and the accredited providers from those without accreditation by advancing patient care team leaders in improving care quality and adopting proven clinical approaches to drive best-in-class surgical care.

What does SRC’s gold seal of accreditation mean for patients?

Patients can trust SRC’s gold seal to identify health care providers who deliver excellence in patient safety and care. The requirements for accreditation programs have been proven to improve outcomes and reduce the time patients spend in the hospital. Look for the seal, expect excellence.

About SRC

Established in 2003, Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) is an internationally recognized, nonprofit, patient safety organization that administers best-in-class accreditation programs for medical professionals, surgeons, hospitals and freestanding outpatient facilities. SRC believes that even the best can improve. Excellence is not simply an achievement, but a culture that must be sustained. Using data provided by program participants and experience from performing thousands of inspections throughout the world, SRC provides insight and support to those who wish to improve beyond their accreditation.

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