General Surgery for Pediatric Patients

When your child needs surgery, we’re here to help. Our team has years of experience performing a wide variety of surgical procedures on children 12 and under. Stay close to home and get the trusted surgical care your child deserves.

Pediatric procedures our General Surgeons perform:

  • Pyloromyotomies
  • Abscesses
  • Laparoscopic appendectomies
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Inguinal hernias
  • Umbilical hernias
  • Pediatric feedings tubes (Gastrostomy and jejunostomy)
  • Lymph node biopsies
  • Abnormal skin lesions or masses
  • Paronychia (infected toe nails)

For more information, please call 920-433-7488